Are Backyard Weddings Tacky? Perfect Yard Wedding Guide

are backyard weddings tacky

Are backyard weddings tacky? They aren’t if you don’t believe they are.

Backyard weddings may be a lot of fun, as well as distinctive and unusual. What do you mean by tacky? Of course, someone will always have an opinion on how things should be done. Weddings have become more relaxed in recent years, and while pomp and formality are still there, they are not as disciplined. However, consider that many practical details that people generally overlook when planning a wedding at a venue may cost you more with a backyard wedding.

Picky guests will undoubtedly scrutinize your wedding, but there are a few things you can do to elevate your outdoor wedding to the next level. In this post, we’ll go over what you should bear in mind to avoid “tacky” and embrace “tasteful”.

Plan in advance

For years, you and your soon-to-be bride or groom may have fantasized about saying “I do” under a blossoming arch in your backyard. But did you take into account all of the technicalities? It’s all well and good to plan a backyard wedding. Still, there are logistics to consider, such as whether there will be enough space for guests to interact and dance, park cars, hang jackets, or place kids, and how many bathrooms will be enough.

The sort of celebration you’re hosting in your yard should be carefully considered. Food and drink are traditionally served. You’ll need an area to prepare the food and another location to dump dirty dishes whether you’re doing a buffet or a full plated supper. You’ll also need tables and chairs, tableware and silverware, and plenty of glasses, as well as a slew of other little goods like cruets, napkins, and corkscrews, as well as ice — buckets and buckets of it.

The venue usually gives these items, but if you’re having a backyard wedding, you’ll have to get them all yourself. It’s up to you and your finances to decide how far you want to go.

Consider going for a theme reception

What important is that you carry off your big day in elegance, no matter how complicated or modest your plans are. Even if it’s only the color of the bride’s bouquet, most wedding preparation revolves around a theme.

Nothing stops you from going full Star Trek, turning 18th century rustic for the day, or jumping off an aircraft. It’s your big day. The essential thing is to take ownership of it. If you’re aiming for a look, don’t take it lightly or apologize for it.

Choose your colors carefully

When it comes to a backyard wedding, there are no rules, and that includes your color scheme. Of course, it should be related to your theme. When designing rooms, the issue isn’t the colors you pick; it’s how you arrange them together to make the area seem better.

Start with hues and tones found in the surrounding area for your table linens and chair coverings for an earthy vibe that will go with any outdoor rustic or country-themed wedding. Table runners or napkins and bows and ribbons on the chair backs can be used to add color. Color schemes may be found in flower arrangements, table centerpieces, buttonholes, pocket handkerchiefs, wedding bouquet, and bridal gowns.

Add flowers in your backyard

Suppose you’re not purchasing flowers but instead harvesting them from your garden. In that case, you already know how important it is to plan. Of course, you’ll remember to plant other bulbs in the fall so that you may have fresh spring tulips and daffodils in time for your spring wedding. Place a few in planters and pots to provide some color.

Roses are virtually a necessity for a summer wedding, but dahlias come in a wide variety of colors. There’s also the ever-joyous gerbera, which looks excellent with fern. Carnations in exotic color combinations are also well-suited to gyp.

Choose chrysanthemums with large spherical flowers, brilliant Japanese anemones, or sprigs of a delicate deep blue salvia for the fall. The essential point is that there are no flowers that are inappropriate for a wedding.

However, if you want certain flowers, you’ll have to prepare and pay for them, and there’s always the chance of growing your own. On the plus side, growing your flowers can save you a lot of money, but you’ll still need to pay for items like vases and bowls, oasis, and wire. When cultivating plants on your own, make careful to invest in a decent soil moisture meter.

Don’t underestimate the need for a tent

Even if you’re on a limited budget for your outdoor wedding, hiring a tent or gazebo with drop-down sides may be a fantastic choice. It may be a lifesaver if it rains, providing shade from the heat or a sharp breeze while also serving as a social focal point.

Decorate this area to make it a welcome space where guests may relax and watch or converse away from the hustle and bustle. It’s especially crucial for visitors like Aunt Maudie.

Have a dance floor for fun

Renting a dance floor is costly, but not having one creates a problem. Can stiletto heels be worn in your allocated dance area? Because no one wants to dance on a mud puddle, meticulous preparation ahead of time is required to prevent renting flooring.

You may need to prepare the ground ahead of time, just like you would for your flowers. Make sure it’s level, that rainwater drains quickly, and that there are no trip hazards. You may save time and money by using the greatest portions of your yard twice. The most apparent is to use the dance floor where the ceremony was conducted.

Get a staff together

Having visitors move tables and chairs to create room for the dance may be considered tacky by some. But that was how wedding celebrations were held in the past. From the flowers to the cuisine, everyone pitched in to make backyard weddings a day to remember for the bride and groom. You may not need to urge your family to go that far, but you should consider hiring help.

There are several catering companies in the area that provide competent staff at cheap costs. You benefit from their experience in keeping guests pleased, and having a waiter on hand may add to the sophistication and quality of your outdoor wedding for the fussy among your guests.

Go for the best portable bathrooms

In most cases, one bathroom is offered for every 35 people. It’s crucial to consider the bathroom facilities you have accessible when considering the number of visitors you’ll be hosting. You could be tempted to go with a clean row of ordinary port-a-potties because your visitors will need somewhere to go, but don’t. These are fantastic for music festivals, but they’re just too cheesy for a wedding.

Instead of a portable toilet, lease a pair of purpose-built luxury lavatories. They come with everything guests need to powder their noses or spend a dime, and they’re available to fit any budget.

Rent the equipment

If you don’t have enough tables, you may have the table linens of your dreams and a centerpiece that is a work of art. Chairs will also be a problem. You could spread the word and ask your neighbors for tables and chairs, but you’ll need a lot. You may even customize the borrowed chairs to fit your theme if you have enough.

However, if you’re having a sit-down meal, be aware that mismatched chairs and tables are a garish attack waiting to happen. It’s plain uncomfortable, and it’d be challenging to pull off stylishly.

Although borrowing chairs is a possibility, renting chairs and tables is typically a preferable alternative. Some churches and community centers are grateful for the revenue. However, with a renowned provider, you can be sure of the quality. For a little more money, you may have wicker armchairs and coffee tables, as well as sun loungers. Of course, everything is in sync.

Make the night shine

While there are many obstacles to overcome to keep your wedding from being tacky, a wedding ceremony held at night under the stars can’t help but add romanticism. Your first wedded kiss will inevitably send a tear to more than one eye. If you’re having a midnight reception, though, you’ll need more than a few strategically positioned tea lights.

Using café lights and uplighting a few trees to create a genuinely unique environment may be done anyplace. There are so many solar-powered outdoor lights to choose from: torches, chandeliers, marquee signs, lanterns of all sizes and shapes, and even votive clusters to place around your bushes.

Yes, if you go for the nice gear, it will be an extra cost, but lighting up the night on your wedding day might easily transform your outdoor wedding from tacky to amazing.

Are backyard weddings tacky? Final thoughts

It all comes down to the reality that outdoor weddings are never tacky if well planned. Nowadays, it’s more about a couple demonstrating their love for one another and reveling in the shared experience of their wedding. It’s a new level of freedom for couples, and picking where, when, and how to conduct your wedding is still a novel concept. However, the option is clear for many couples: the greatest spot is where the heart is: at home, in the yard with family and friends!

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